Recognition of Secure Tech Consultancy (Pvt) Ltd in June 2014 Publication of ID World magazine

For the 5th time, SecureTech Consultancy (Pvt) Ltd has earned a spot in 2014 publication of ID World magazine and has been proudly declared being amongst the Top 50 Suppliers in Auto ID Industry. ID World is a reputed and renowned international platform which focuses on the trends within the ICT and auto ID industry that has the most significant impact on the design and use of future ID solutions.

The Catalyst for Change By: Brig (R ) Saleem Ahmed Moeen (2007) ID People, Issue 2007, Pages 16-1

An update on one of the largest multi-biometric citizen databases with real-time access for identity verification from the man who made it happen. ID People, Issue 2007.

Identifying the benefits of ID Cards By: Brig (R ) Saleem Ahmed Moeen (2008) e-Strategies Africa, Volume 1, No 4, 2008. Pages 56-57.

The successful implementation of an ID card project entails its widespread use and is therefore, directly dependent on its need to the citizen. One must not forget that technology by itself tends to become alienated to the needs of the people, unless the citizen's social fabric is integrated with it. It is therefore, very important to create a balance in using technology for security applications versus technology for citizen centric applications.

Pakistan's Multi-biometric e-passport From design

The predecessor to Pakistan's new passport will not be remembered for its security. Apart from being easy to forge, the document was issued manually, giving rise to considerable security risks. All the more reason, therefore, for the Pakistani authorities to develop a secure passport, issued with a minimum of human intervention. To make sure that the passport would be accepted by the world community, the authorities opted for a state-of-the-art, ICAO compliant and biometrically enabled document, protected by the latest security features. The result did not disappoint- the new passport is a highly secure, tamper proof document that reflects the true spirit of the latest ICAO standards.

Unmasking the Menace Interview on Global Security

As a global security remains top of mind in a number of regions in the world, the need for technology to support governments in their strive to meet threats effectively, is paramount to the overall safety of their citizens. The menace of terrorism, extremism and sectarianism, is a highly complex social phenomena that has been disguised as a religious activity by unscrupulous perpetrators, who entice uneducated people to commit these heinous crimes. They have not nationality, and no boundaries; they are not common criminals and they are only known after the commission of a crime. Thus the conventional homeland security programs that are in the public realm are not enough to provide the requisite technological tools to the security apparatus.

Prospects of E-Voting

Elections 2013 turned out to be a landmark in the history of our country, having witnessed the highest ever voter turnout. We saw women, old, young and even infirm citizens braving the rigours of waiting in lines to cast their vote. The people of Pakistan had fulfilled their civic responsibility and overwhelming supported democracy. However there were some reports of irregularities that marred this phenomenal commitment to a democratic elected form of governance. The people of Pakistan had no doubt won but the electoral process needs a rethink, as the ECP did not take into account the human factor whose efficiency and corruption are the bane of our society. The irregularities that were highlighted by our vibrant media during the election 2013 were as follows: A number of polling stations did not have the ballot boxes, ballot paper or stamp in time, In some cases, the polling staff was also not available. Hence resulting in tremendous inconvenience and despair to a large number of people.

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